Psoriasis is characterized by itchy, scaly red patches, usually beginning with tiny scale-like lesions which join together.  They are often found on knees and elbows, in creases, and on the edge of the hairline.  It is troublesome and takes perseverence and patience to treat.  I  have spoken to a  Neways distributor with psoriasis who found the following programme very helpful and read other encouraging testimonies.  Other general comments below may also help.

Neways Psoriasis Regime

The following programme is best done at night as your body seems to relax and absorb products more.
  1. Wash daily with Refresh Shower Gel (slightly diluted).  If you can soak in a bath it is better. Gently wash with Refresh on a flannel.  Pat dry, do not rub.  You may find that some scales will be exfoliated when this is done.
  2. Spray affected areas with a small amount of Eliminator.  This is an anti-bacterial product.  It will have a cooling effect and help with severe itching.  Allow this to dry naturally before applying other products.
  3. Depending on the severity the following can be used:

Nutritional Products

Improve nutritional status by taking: Normal doses apply, apart from Cassie Tea where a maximum of one capsule three times a day should be used.

Scalp Psoriasis

Gently wash hair with Second Chance Shampoo and, if necessary, condition hair with Exuberance.  Spray scalp with Eliminator and 2nd Chance Conditioner.

You may notice increased redness for the first few days, however, this should reduce within a few days.


Maximol, Omega 3 EPA and VMM only, doses as per the following chart:
3-5 years 5ml per day
6-9 years 10ml per day
10-18 years 15 ml per day
4-9 years one per day with food
10-18 years two per day with food
Omega 3 EPA
4-10 years half a soft gel per day with food
11-18 years one soft gel per day before food

N.B. The above regime is a recommendation only.  It may not be necessary to use all the products, using them individually or together may achieve the desired effect.


Bathroom Products

Household Products

Avoid harsh detergents -- use skin friendly household products.  Click here for more about harmful ingredients in household products.


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