Neways to Improve Your Health through Better Nutrition

Neways Health and Nutrition products are a wonderful way to provide your body with the nutrients which are no longer present in our food in the quanitities which our bodies require for optimum health.

Did you know that two out of three people die from diet-related diseases?  We are over-fed but under-nourished.  According to Patrick Holford, Founder of the Institute of Optimum Nutrition, over 80% of us get less than the minimum RDAs (Recommended Daily Allowances) of essential nutrients.

My own experience with the symptoms of a worrying illness made me research new ways to make me better.  While searching the Internet I read about the amazing properties of OPCs, powerful anti-oxidants (from maritime pine bark and grapeseeds) and discovered Neways Revenol.  I have been taking Revenol and Maximol minerals and vitamins ever since and they have worked wonders for me.

As a chiropodist, reflexologist and nutritionist, I have been able to share my discovery of Revenol, Maximol and all the other wonderful Neways Health and Nutrition Products with many of my clients, as well as friends and family.

I have also converted to Neways safe Personal Care Products exclusively for my family and my clients.  Toxicologist Dr Samuel Epstein, Chairman of the Cancer Prevention Coalition, recommends Neways products in the Safe Shopper’s Bible, the independent shopping guide.  "Neways has pioneered and succeeded in providing consumers with cosmetics and toiletries free of cancer causing and harmful ingredients and contaminants.  I warmly congratulate them on their accomplishments."

Neways also receives a number of very honourable mentions in the new book Cancer - Why We're Still Dying To Know The Truth by Phillip Day.  For more information visit  Contact me to find out how you can get a free copy of this excellent book (retail cost £12.50).

How To Buy Neways Products

Most people begin, as I did, as a customer with a particular need for themselves or a family member.  Many people then go on to develop it as a part-time or full-time business.  Neways is already established in more than twenty countries giving distributors enormous potential.

Please ask me for further information on the most suitable products, leaflets, tapes, etc.

If you are in North America then I would be pleased to refer you to an independent distributor in the USA.

About Neways

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