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Amega Zero Point Energy Wand

I have just found out about the Amega Zero Point Energy Wand and gone a bit mad with excitement.  It seems absolutely excellent.

Have a look at this YouTube video.

Having seen the effect on this 92-year-old woman who suffered from frozen shoulder, I immediately decided to get a wand for myself and family members.

Also, more business-related, please listen to this audio — listen for at least a few minutes and it will really get your attention.

I have registered and my website is www.eamega.com/grapevinehealth.

I have lots more technical information.  Please let me know what you think.

The website (cyber-office) of the company, Amega is easy and well-designed compared to many.

To register and become a stockist please go to my Amega website, then go to Enrol and follow the steps.  Have your passport ready as you will need the Passport number for ID.  The BA thing is the name you want to trade under, e.g. my BA is grapevinehealth.  There is a little box to tick to accept terms and conditions.  Then choose the products. I went for the Platinum Ascott Package/Bundle.

Listen to the latest conference call (scroll down to Latest Calls).

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Nicola Gilbert