1. Are the products tested on animals?
  2. I'm vegan/vegetarian
  3. I'm allergic
  4. I suffer from psoriasis
  5. I suffer from...
  6. What should I use on my baby, toddler or small children?
  7. Why are the shampoos so expensive?
  8. How do I order them?
  1. Are the products tested on animals?
  2. Neway has been accredited as a cruelty free manufacturer since 1992.

  3. I'm vegan/vegetarian
  4. A few products would be unsuitable.  It's easy to see on the website.

  5. I'm allergic
  6. A few products contain wheat, dairy, yeast, sugar or nut extracts.  As above.

  7. I suffer from psoriasis
  8. Ask me for details of special regime to help you.

  9. I suffer from...
  10. I can make suggestions based on my training and experience but Neways is not allowed to make therapeutic or medicinal claims for its products.  Information on this site is not intended as a substitute for professional medical advice.  Anyone who is concerned about their health is advised to consult with a qualified health practitioner.  The testimonials are given by people who wish to share their experiences and are solely for information purposes.

  11. What should I use on my baby, toddler or small children?
  12. All Neways personal care products are mild and gentle, there is also a special baby range.

  13. Why do the shampoos cost so much?
  14. They are not as expensive as they appear because they tend to be much more concentrated and/or contain much larger quantities of the active ingredients than High Street brands.  Also Neways prefers to chooses mild, safe ingredients rather than cheap, harsh ingredients. You can easily check this for yourself.

  15. How do I order them?
  16. Order online at distributor prices from Neways, after registering online as a distributor — it's easy to do and it's free.

Nicola Gilbert