Cancer Rates – What are they saying to us?

Wake up! to the horrible truth that cancer will be the plague of the 21st century unless we take responsibility for our own health.

Wise up! to the vested interests which conspire to keep us in a state of fear and ignorance when the dangers could be significantly reduced by informed action and choice.

Win! a healthier future for yourself, your children, society and the planet.

Wake up!

You probably know that the incidence of cancer has risen to epidemic proportions.  The risk of developing cancer at some time in your life is now nearly 50%.  Hormone-related cancers (prostate, testes, cervix, ovaries, breasts and womb) are occurring more frequently and earlier.  Cancer is a major cause of death among men and women of all ages.  It is the most common cause of death for people aged 35-54 and the second most common cause (after heart disease) for those aged 55-74.  Moreover, contrary to popular belief, cancer is not only a disease of middle or old age, but is second only to accidents as a cause of death in those aged 5-34.  There has been a real rise in cancer rates in all age groups.  At least 20% of people now alive in Britain can expect to die from cancer.

Wise up!

The “curability” of most major cancers, particularly of the lung, breast and colon, has improved only slightly over the past three decades.  For most major sites mortality rates closely reflect incidence rates.  Even for the relatively “curable” breast cancer, only just over half of its victims survive five years.  There has been little or no real improvement in the treatment and survival of most common cancers.

You would be astounded to realise how many safe, successful and promising treatments have been scuppered.  If only the following were household names: Rene Caisse (Essiac), Hulda Clark (Zapper), William Hoxsey, Ernst Krebs (B17), Gaston Naessens (714-X) and Royal Rife (Rife Instrument).  And there are many others, all dedicated and brilliant pioneers whose work was rubbished by the cancer establishment.


“The ably exploited fear of this disease, caused mainly by the products issued from chemical and industrial laboratories, has become an inexhaustible source of income for the researchers, for the pharmaceutical industry and the medical establishment.   In the course of our century, so-called cancer research and cancer therapy have become a source of solid gold without precedent.”
Hans Ruesch, "Naked Empress"

Major decisions affecting our health and welfare are made by highly self-interested organisations, for example:

There is lots more you should know but this will give you a taste and, I hope, get you thinking and reading the labels on your shampoos, shaving gels, toothpaste, baby wipes, cosmetics, etc. (see list of ingredients to avoid).

Around the time pesticides started to be used cancer rates quadrupled (see Cancer Why We're Still Dying To Know The Truth and the list of other recommended books for more suggestions on diet, nutrition, environmental and workplace hazards, etc.)

See the book list below for further information.


My mission is to make sure that people can make informed choices.  I have been aware of these issues for a long time and acted accordingly.  Phillip Day is an eloquent speaker and his book, Cancer Why We're Still Dying To Know The Truth is dynamite.  It deserves to be widely read; it is 200 pages long, written in a lively intelligent style and packed with fascinating information. The price of £10 (incl. p&p) is set to cover my costs only.  I am not in the ‘cancer business’ but I am in the health promotion business and a convert to the use of non-toxic products and nutritional therapy.

If you would like to read a copy of Cancer Why We're Still Dying To Know The Truth please send a cheque or postal order for £10 made payable to N. Gilbert, to the following address: Grapevine Health, 18 Gisborne Road, Sheffield S11 7HA.  Please make sure that you include your name, address, and an e-mail or telephone number, just in case.

I only care that you know, the rest is up to you.

Wake up!

Wise up!


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