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The Sun Ancon Chi Machine

The Chi Machine is the culmination of 38 years of brilliant research, testing, analysis, hard work and wisdom of renowned Japanese medical doctor, Shizuo Inoue, former President of Japan Oxygen Association.  His device promotes a form of therapeutic massage based on both medical and physiological sciences.  It has been patented in many countries including: Great Britain, Germany, US, Japan and Australia.

Massage and Health

Massage means the manipulation of soft tissue for the purpose of increasing health and wellness, and alleviates pain, discomfort, muscle spasms and stress.  The first records of massage date back some 3,000 years to early Chinese folk medicine.  Western civilizations were introduced to the miraculous benefits of massage by Greek and Roman physicians. The Chi Machine brings together the ancient healing arts with the mastery of modern technology.

Because the massage with the Chi Machine is performed while you are lying down and relaxed, weight is removed from the spine.  A sense of well-being and pleasure is immediate and noticeable.

The Role of Full Spinal Movement

Human spinal design permits lateral twisting — a fish-like movement — that serves to relieve vertebra joint pressure.  Unlike children, adults seldom realise the benefit of this bodily movement.  Consequently, stress and tension simply accumulate in the body.  Observe how a baby stretches and twists in the crib.  This is a natural human movement that simultaneously relaxes and relieves minor muscle aches and pains.

When we observe animals and sea creatures, we notice a serpentine movement in their walking, running and swimming motions.  This natural action helps promote and maintain overall health.

The Chi Machine maximizes the movement of all body cells, which in turn, supports deep relief.  Traditional forms of vigorous exercise provide health benefits, but most also consume vital oxygen and compress intervertabral disks.  Fatigue or physical stress generally result.  The Chi Machine supports health without creating an energy deficit or undue stress to the body.

When the human body is lying on a flat surface, the neck and waist are naturally elevated.  When we are very tired and then try to get comfortable and sleep in bed, our body may ache because the lower back cannot touch the bed's surface.   We also notice that only the concave parts of the body — the neck and the waist — have the ability to rotate, just like a wheel on an axle.

When you use The Chi Machine you quickly notice that, with the feet slightly elevated, your body will swing right to left in three major segments:

  1. From foot to waist,
  2. From chest to the cervical vertebra and then,
  3. From the shoulders to the head.
The entire spinal cord and all of the muscles along the spine are involved!

The Chi Machine drives the two pivot points formed by the buttocks and shoulders just like a fish swimming in water.

When you see a fish swimming, you notice that its tail gently swings back and forth which causes movement of the entire spinal cord and all muscles. Likewise, The Chi Machine brings into full play this important, yet seldom utilized "movement orbits" of the human body.

Years of testing, data compilation and research pertaining to human physiology have produced the perfect swing frequency, machine height and angle.

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